On Friday, October 26, at the Gettysburg College Honors Day ceremony, the students of Gettysburg College awarded me the Ralph Cavaliere Endowed Teaching Award. This award was endowed in honor of Emeritus Professor of Biology, Ralph Cavaliere (left in the photo), and is voted on by the student senate of Gettysburg College. I cannot imagine a greater honor to have bestowed upon me, than to have the appreciation and recognition of the student body of Gettysburg College. In my time here they have challenged me as much as or more than I have challenged them, and I feel as though I have learned from them far more than I have taught. This was a profoundly beautiful moment in my career, and I am forever grateful to the students. 



11/07/2017 3:31pm

nice post

11/08/2017 6:02am

Teaching is not easy for us and it needs to to high and quailed education. Education playing important roll for win the award the bright future. Its possible if we keep the focus on studies.

11/22/2017 12:50pm

Congratulations on your teaching award! It’s not easy being a teacher. You have to have a ton of courage and a bag full of patience whenever you stand in front of a class. It’s best to keep a book on humor as a reference. It may become troublesome but their passion is what keeps those teachers going. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with those kids. They might be a lot to handle but they really need a teacher like you to guide them.


Being a teacher is great responsibility, congrats to them.


Ralph did it well, and in his own way.


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