Trump has now come out more or less absolving Roy Moore for his crimes, you know, the crimes concerning his efforts to sexually assault children. 'Look, he denies it,' Trump said. 

I cannot say that I am surprised; nothing that this despicable vulgarian does or says anymore surprises me. Literally nothing. I have finally realized that nothing is out of bounds for this soulless, unprincipled wretch. But I cannot, for the life of me, understand the fawning, unwavering support of evangelicals in this country for this disgusting degenerate, or for the vile things that he stands behind. 

Let's just recap. At this time, unless I am mistaken, eight different women have come forward against Moore, women who did not know each other beforehand, and who did not, themselves, reach out to the media to share their stories. (That discredits the 'they're doing it for political reasons' argument). Their stories are strikingly similar - Roy Moore pursued sexual relations with them when they were in their early teenage years, and when Moore himself was in his thirties. There is indisputable evidence that he wrote something inexcusably creepy in the yearbook of a sixteen-year-old girl. Some of his acquaintances have said that he was known to date teenagers. He himself did not deny outright to Hannity that he dated teenagers!!!!!! Moreover, he has outright admitted that he first 'noticed' his wife when she was fifteen, when he would have been twenty-nine. But this is not the most perplexing part of this story. Though disgusting and despicable, I can at least understand the depravities of one man (or in this case, two, given the now complicity of Donald J. Trump). But I cannot understand the continuing evangelical support of Roy Moore, or of Donald Trump. While Moore's guilt has not been proven in a court of law, I think it is safe to say that the court of public opinion should be well beyond the 'wait and see' mode on this man. But not for our president. And why not? Well, simple... because it was hurting him with his base. His base that includes the increasingly inscrutable evangelical community. 

Ministers have come out in defense of Moore. Some of them have even said that even if he did the things he's accused of, there's no wrong in it, because Joseph was much older than Mary. Many of Moore's supporters are simply calling the accusers liars, and much of the evangelical community continues to support a PEDOPHILE, for God's sake!!!!!!!! This is the same group who wants to deny the marital rights of homosexual, consenting adults. They want to make sure that transgender persons cannot use the bathrooms that they want to (and why not? Oh, that's right... because they're afraid of pedophiles). But when there's an ACTUAL pedophile running for the United States Senate, (so long as there's a freaking 'R' next to his name), they defend and make excuses. 

I come from the evangelical community, I understand (or I thought I did) that community, and I have defended, on many occasions, that community. Though I disagree with their religious views, and the politics that they espouse (Jesus never once mentions abortion or homosexuality, but he discusses greed and poverty all the time), I have nevertheless always respected the fact that they were principled in their convictions. And I understand why they feel like the coastal elites are snobs who look down their noses at them, and I even understand why they turned to Donald Trump in the last election. But there is no defense for continuing to justify his actions, or those of Roy Moore. The evangelical community, who once impeached Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife, has now elected a president who cheated on two wives, leaving them for younger women; has boasted on tape about sexually assaulting women, (a boast for which he never apologized); and who has admitted to using his power as the owner of the Miss America pageant to walk into the dressing rooms while the contestants were naked - a fact that has been corroborated by some of those contestants; and this community is now supporting, in large numbers, a man who, the evidence strongly suggests, pursued sexual relations with children. This shows that their principles are only as strong as the political winds. There is simply no honor in defending the indefensible. And there is really no Christian virtue in it. To paraphrase your messiah, the time has come to choose: God or Caesar.  


12/01/2017 10:27am

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