This from Politico: 'Trump Spars With Widow of Slain Soldier About Condolence Call.'

I suppose I should not be surprised anymore. But is there really absolutely no limit to what this bottom-feeding, petulant, narcissistic child will do or say? (Honestly, to call him a 'child' is an insult to children everywhere, because nearly all of the children I know or have ever known demonstrate far more self-control, empathy, integrity, and simple decency than this shameful, shameless, divisive mouth-breather). For as long as I live, I will never understand what it is that his adoring fans see in him. Have we really become such a nation of malcontents that a solid and unwavering 37% of us can admire someone whose only demonstrated 'virtue' is a complete and utter lack of decency, whose only demonstrated capacity for sympathy lies with white nationalists and neo-Nazis? If an NFL player kneels in protest against the objectively verifiable fact of race-based police brutality, it is somehow disrespectful to the military. But this, publicly quibbling with the widow of a dead soldier over how your phone call with her went... surreptitiously accusing her of lying, this is respectful? Every day that this man occupies this office is a blight upon the moral fabric of this nation. But hey, at least he says 'Merry Christmas,' right? 


10/27/2017 2:11am

I admire your boldness in expressing your opinion. Knowing the personality of the president, I know that he wouldn’t listen to any of our sentiments. On the other hand, I know that if we constantly pray for him to become a better person or that someone will overthrow him I know God will hear us and do something about it. It may not be at the moment, but for sure sometime in the future. I know that God would not let His people be harmed.

11/08/2017 2:39am

We all have good points. I also admire the boldness of the author in expressing his/her side. I really think that we have all the freedom or right to speak out our thoughts and beliefs and that I think that it is essential for the progress of our nation. If we all have strong beliefs in life, I think our lives will be more better for we all know where we are supposed to go which is only one way towards success.

11/24/2017 2:55am

In somethings, their is no limit, one of them is blessings from god.


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