I just picked up Beckman's new book on Deleuze, in Reaktion's Critical Lives series. Beckman characterizes the book as 'a critical effort that endeavours to illuminate some fruitful dialogues between Deleuze's life and work.' I have so far skipped around in passages throughout, but the book looks to be a remarkably important contribution to Deleuze scholarship. Part-biography, part-critical introduction, she manages to, in 125 pages, examine most of the key moments in the evolution of Deleuze's thinking, demonstrating an astonishing facility with the overall history of Deleuze scholarship on many of the most important debates. I can't wait to read the rest of the book more closely. 



07/17/2017 12:15pm

All book lovers would agree with me if I will say that Frida Beckman is one of the greatest authors of his generations. He's a naturalist but he will see to it that all readers would be able to relate on his piece. By the way, I still haven't read his latest book, but I am already planning of reading it real soon. I'll share on my website the review I'll be making once I'm done reading it!


I do agree. I am very glad to have read this. It's so nice that other people can relate to you and it turned out that we have an exact appreciation with Frida Beckam. I hope that every great author's work will live through the new generation of readers who I hope will appreciate these work of arts.Thanks for the review! Keep it up!


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