A photo of me with two lovely human beings - Charlie and Victoria Harris - at the David Foster Wallace conference this past weekend. Victoria and Charlie were both in the English department at Illinois State University during Wallace's time there. Both were close friends, and Charlie was the person responsible for hiring Wallace to the faculty. I made two new friends, one of whom - Victoria - is a fellow Derrida enthusiast! Just two of the many terrific people I met this weekend! 



Very nice pictures and I hope that your friendship will floourish. They both are wonderful human beings and amazing people to work with. They are thoroughly professional.

06/23/2017 3:03am

I very good picture you had here. I glad that there are some people that are very honorable in their jobs. To Charlie and Victoria Harries, Keep up the good work and I hope you will become successful. This post shows that you are very happy and grateful that you met these two people, I hope many people will meet you and I hope it will be worth recognizing them. Thanks for sharing this article, I am looking forward to your next post regarding in this information.

06/28/2017 8:19am

I am glad you made some good friends! I can see that you are a friendly person. I hope to meet you soon. We have common things to share with each other. I've been reading your blog for a while now. I must say that you are a really opinionated person. We are so much similar.

06/19/2017 12:00am

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07/28/2017 6:35pm

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