I'm here at the David Foster Wallace conference in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. It's good to be back in the Midwest! I've heard some really outstanding papers, and met some great people. 

Jeffrey Severs gave a wonderful keynote today on DFW as a thinker of immanence, drawing connections between Wallace, Franz Kafka, and Deleuze and Guattari, exploring the significance of doors in Wallace's work. It's been a terrific weekend. 


This vernonwcisney blog has been sharing about david foster wallace and immanence conference,thanks. Mostly giving us about some really outstanding papers, and met some great people,the terrific weekend.

07/03/2017 5:01pm

It is really good to know that you've made it to the David Foster Wallace conference. To be honest, it is indeed one of my dreams to attend David's conference. I would like to hear some good thoughts by these people. I would love to learn something for their talks. I wish you will include some of the points that you have learned during the conference. Your readers will surely be delighted if you somehow consider this. Thank you.

06/19/2017 10:17pm

How does it feel hearing some educational words from Jeffrey Severs once again? He's been gone for almost three years and it was so refreshing to see him giving talks to people who need it. Wallace is a big field to study. Many people, including myself wanted to be familiar with it. I hope to know more facts about this matter because everything about Wallace is worth knowing.


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