It's been a while since I've posted. The holidays, travel, a nasty cold, exhaustion, among other things, have kept me quiet. But here we are, as I'm about to fall asleep one last time under President Barack Obama. I just read this inspiring article on Slate, and felt compelled to post on it before lying down to sleep. 

I've wrestled ethically with this question, as to whether or not the Congressional democrats who are boycotting the inauguration are behaving like infants. God knows the legion of Trump supporters on Facebook and in the media (isn't it funny how Trump demonizes 'the media', when you look at all the pro-Trump articles on Realclearpolitics?) are suggesting as much. 'Suck it up, buttercup' seems to be the mantra. 'I didn't like everything Obama did either, but I respected him as my president' - that's another good one. 

The Slate piece brought it all flooding out of me, what a massive dose of insanely idiotic and amnesiac nonsense that is. The man about to take the oath is the same man who for five long years and beyond questioned the legitimacy of the outgoing president. Who ran the absolute ugliest campaign of my lifetime, and who, to this day, has not taken even a single step toward undoing the hateful rhetoric that he spouted on a daily basis on the campaign trail. The Congressional Republicans were the ones who shouted 'You lie' as Obama addressed Congress and the nation. And who implemented obstruction as an explicit strategy to try to regain power. Dick Cheney was the former VP who continued to trash Obama from the moment he left office (violating a presidential norm that Rick Santorum just yesterday tried to say that Obama should adhere to). John Boehner was the man who shouted 'Hell No!' to President Obama in a public address. Rush Limbaugh was the man who mocked Obama's tenacity when he gave the order to go after Bin Laden. Congressional Republicans were the ones who shut down the government for weeks when the democrats refused to defund the ACA. And, oh yes, Senate Republicans were the ones who stole, yes, STOLE, a Supreme Court nominee from Obama. The only reasonable conclusion to be drawn is that the Republican party demands decency and respect for the institutions when they are in power, but when they're not, the gloves are off. 


01/20/2017 10:09pm

Hello there Vernon! I know the main event for all of us in the states is the inauguration. Whether we are pro or anti Trump, we can't do anything but to witness this inauguration. I just hope that things will turn out well with our new administration. Wishing all the best for our country.

07/23/2017 5:32am

For my opinion, they are indeed being immature with this case. As professional people, if they are innocent and confident enough, they shouldn't be boycotting the inauguration. They should be sports and accept their defeat. That is how a matured person should react. What do you think?

04/16/2017 2:40pm

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05/26/2017 2:43am

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