"So decide now that you are worthy of living as a full-grown man who is making progress, and make everything that seems best be a law that you cannot go against. And if you meet with any hardship or anything pleasant or reputable or disreputable, then remember that the contest is now and the Olympic games are now and you cannot put things off any more and that your progress is made or destroyed by a single day or a single action." 
--Epictetus, 1st - 2nd Century CE Stoic Philosopher, from the Encheiridion


When you want to accomplish something, make your move now. Do not dilly-dally and waste your time on mundane things. We are so easily distracted with unimportant things that we tend to neglect to do what we sought out to do in the first place. For example, you have to do some research on the paper that you are writing. But instead of doing so, you spend your whole day browsing the internet and reading the statuses of your friends on social media. Before you know it, the day has passed and you have accomplished nothing, So do what you have to do. Do it now. And even if you might encounter obstacles along the way, just keep pushing. Move forward until you reach your goal.

01/12/2017 11:33pm

Sometimes when we want to do or accomplish things, we are being stopped by our own hesitations and doubts. We think that we are not really capable of doings what we really want to do. We think that we are not really that good enough that is why we can't start doing it or worst, we just never start doing it. But remember that when you want to be good or let's say the best in that particular thing, we need to start right now. I repeat. Right now. We should start doing it so that we can make things better and maybe our own lies better.

Mehak Burza
01/17/2017 2:18am

Wow sir,, these simple yet effective lines have such a huge impact !!

07/23/2017 5:36am

I adore Epictetus. He is such a great philosopher. I am delighted to see an article post inspired by him. I hope more people patronize Epictetus' works. We can learn a lot from him if we just open our eyes. Let us not take for granted the power of philosophy and logic. They serve a great purpose.

01/04/2017 2:13am

It's really an interesting idea, I never thought it before. A very nice article!


I personally wanted to be the best person I can be. I want to be that man who had punched above his weight. I want to live a successful and fulfilling life. I like how you encourage every one of us to be competitive. Nothing brings out the best from us unless we beat the person we were yesterday.


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