After a nearly sleepless night, and after having to face my children this morning, I have no words of my own to describe what I'm feeling, and besides, others have already said it better than I ever could.

Van Jones: "How do I explain this to my children?"

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: "Today this former nation sent a message to the political establishment - and the nation's nonwhite populations - by electing Donald Trump. Instead of 30 years of leadership, we have a political neophyte who saw a gap in the political marketplace and sold himself as a racist who would avenge eight years of an African-American in the Oval Office. Instead of a former secretary of state, we have a man who knows little about foreign relations. Instead of a commander in chief, we have a man who insults our troops past and present, and a man so impulsive his campaign had to take his phone away from him to stop his destructive tweeting, as though he were a child. 

I feel great sadness and trepidation for America tonight. We are better than this. Our task as citizens will be to let Donald Trump know it, in the strongest possible terms." 


12/05/2016 3:39am

Even I felt sad and devastated by the result of the election. MY family and I are also scared for our lives. I began to think of the possible scenarios this change will bring to America. Non-white population will probably experience racial discrimination, deportation, unemployment etc. I believe that what we can do right now is to let them hear our voices. Continue to fight for our rights and be united and stronger for our family and children.

04/12/2017 1:53pm

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05/21/2017 3:22pm

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