The results are in, and Donald Trump's campaign-long message of bigotry and xenophobia is now reverberating violently through America. Now emboldened by Trump's victory, his most reprehensible supporters are acting out in the name of the bigotries that he spewed constantly while on the campaign trail. As noted in this CNN piece, there has been a drastic uptick in hate crimes across the country. 

Many on the right seem to be willfully ignoring the facts about Donald Trump's rhetoric over the past (at least) eight years, expressing extreme resentment at perceived accusations of bigotry. But, it cannot be overstated, there are, right now in America, a lot of people who are scared as hell - Mexican Americans worried about being deported, Muslim Americans worried about hate crimes and exclusion, gay people worried that their right to marry the person they love (or stay married to the person they've already married) will be stripped away from them, African Americans worried about heightened police brutality. These fears are not accidental, nor are Trump's endorsements from virtually every prominent hate group in the United States. They are based upon the race- and religion-based invective that has poured out of Trump's mouth in a steady stream for the past few years.  

If Trump is to be, as he said, a uniter, he must now, without hesitation, roundly and unambiguously denounce those elements of his message that earned him the support of the KKK, the American Nazis, the Neo-Nazis, and David Duke. He has said to the disaffected, angry, white men, "I have heard your pain," and he now needs to say that to everyone else, everyone he has marginalized through his campaign. 


11/28/2016 4:42am

In his victory speech, Donald Trump asked for the guidance and help of everyone to unify America. In my opinion, those sentiments of Mr. Trump would be more sincere if he retracts what he has said about some important issues. He should eliminate those racist, sexist and homophobic insults, threats and attacks. In a couple of months, Trump will take charge of country with people of different religions, ethnicities and races. Each and everyone has the right to live with security, and dignity.


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