The Trump campaign is already setting the stage for lawsuits to challenge the results of the election. According to this article, they're filing suit against Joe Gloria, a voter registrar in Nevada, for keeping polling locations open two hours beyond the voting time. In point of fact, they allowed (as I am given to understand, they are legally obligated to do), anyone who was in line to vote, by the time the polls closed, the chance to vote. And in language that is certainly not racially coded, Nevada Republican chair Michael McDonald, speaking to a Trump audience on Saturday, said that the polls were left open 'so a certain group could vote' (the lawsuit targets areas with high minority populations). 

Isn't this the party whose favorite motto is, "quit yer whinin' and pull yourselves up by your bootstraps"? I suppose that only applies when speaking to minorities and people from underrepresented groups? To quote Alanis Morissette, 'Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?'



The elections are just passed away in United States of America and trump win the elections with high votes. During the voting the number of peoples are thinking the 2nd contestant Hillary Clinton was win’s but that is not happen.

11/28/2016 1:41am

Well, reading this article now only makes it amusing. Funny, thinking how President Trump wouldn't even believe that he could win the elections. I, too, was overwhelmed by the number of people who voted for Trump. I don't know what was going on through their heads, but it's all said and done. We can only hope for a better future for our country and for President Trump to comply with his duties.


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