In the wake of Trump's election, I have argued on the side of sanity, on the side of benefit-of-the-doubt cooperation with the democratically-elected president-elect. But to megaphones on the right, please, for the love of Christ, spare me the outrage at these democratic demonstrations of protest across the country, most of which, by the way, have been entirely peaceful. Since the protests began, voices on the right have steadily and increasingly cried foul, on the grounds that 'we didn't do that when Obama was elected.' And that, my friends, is plainly and simply, false. 

Let's rewind. There were, in fact, protests in the streets after Obama's election. (See photos above). The difference between those protests and the ones we're seeing today is the following: the post-Trump protests are directed specifically and explicitly at the hate speech that has been peddled by Trump and his supporters over the past two years, and many of the protesters have specifically requested, as their protest objectives, that Trump denounce the racially loaded vitriol of his campaign. The post-Obama protests were mostly hate speech, directed at Obama himself - accusations that he was not a US citizen, accusations that he was a Muslim Manchurian candidate for Al Qaeda, secretly plotting to destroy the United States from within, insistent emphases on Obama's middle name, allusions to lynchings and other elements, such as cross-burnings, from the ugliest periods of US history. There were direct and explicit comparisons drawn between Obama and Adolf Hitler - (and, we should note, these came from pundits and voices on Fox News, not just from citizens in the streets). There was an increase in the numbers of independent militia groups in the United States, preparing for the coming revolution. Stores nationwide sold out of firearms and ammunition, and ammo manufacturers were unable to keep up with sales in the following months. There was an explosion of hate crime in the US and a steady uptick in hate groups with numbers reaching unprecedented levels, followed by the formation of the 'Tea party,' a political sub-party within the Republican party with its primary political goal being the paralysis of United States governance. At one point there was a cry from a radio host for an armed insurrection to overthrow Obama. His entire presidency has been plagued with unfounded public outcries for his impeachment, and as a matter of fact, our president-elect was one of the voices calling for public protest after Obama won reelection in 2012.

So, while I am on the side of healing and have resisted the very real urge to lash out, please, for God's sake, drop the high horse pontifications about how Republicans never protested Obama's presidency. Not only is it radically, wildly, absurdly, comically, and demonstrably false, but it undermines the essence of democracy. Just as elections are the core of democracy, and we must honor the results, protest is central to democracy as well. Spare me the righteous indignation. 



11/24/2016 6:36am

In new elections all the people are not happy because some peoples are not like this new president. Every country has like this situation in election days. But he elected by transparent election in America. Public should accept the decision of peoples.

11/24/2016 12:25pm

It's really simple, man. There would have been outbursts no matter who became the president. Both of the candidates were not suitable for the role. But, complaining about isn't going to be of much help.

11/27/2016 7:35pm

We don't know what the future holds for all of us now that Trump was elected president. Nobody expected that he would win this elections. I don't what happens next but I do know that we have to be strong and let's all get along now. Bickering and fighting won't solve anything. It's time to move on.

01/30/2017 12:04pm

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