From CNN: "FBI: Review of New Emails Doesn't Change Conclusion on Clinton." 

I wonder if the media will spend as much time and energy trumpeting this headline as they did buzzing about Comey's irresponsible announcement concerning the new emails. Doubtful. The 'nothing to see here' headline isn't nearly as sexy as vague insinuations stoking the fires of distrust. 


11/10/2016 3:50am

I definitely think that the media is being used by their camp. It's been a known fact that the Democrats hold a huge portion of the public media. They must have been paid to set a good image for her. It forces a lot of followers to distrust and feel bad for supporting a liar. I hope that many of the voters open their eyes to the truth and be able to vote for the right leader.

11/14/2016 6:31am

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