The plan for this volume was hatched five years ago over sandwiches at Panera in Lafayette, Indiana, with my good friend, Nicolae Morar. We wanted to bring together all the major pieces of the famous 'cogito' debate between Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida, in a volume that also included several new pieces from leading scholars in continental philosophy. At long last, it is my tremendous pleasure to see it in print! 

Besides the Foucault/Derrida pieces, there are new contributions by Edward McGushin, Amy Allen, Ellen Armour, Fred Evans, Leonard Lawlor, Paul Rekret, Arkady Plotnitsky, Jeffrey Nealon, and Peter Gratton. In addition, the volume includes a detailed chronology by Alan Schrift, an excellent introduction by Christopher Penfield (one of the co-editors of the volume), and a newly translated piece by Jean-Marie Beyssade. I am so proud to have been involved with this volume, (and proud of my nephew, Kurtis Sanders, who sketched the images for the back cover). Thank you to my co-editors and thank you to Edinburgh University Press for their unwavering support!

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Oh wow, this looks like an amazing read, I will read this someday, its just that I dont get enough time these days!


As paired contrary energies additionally, as Foucault watches, places them nearer together. He contends that 'the men tied to the dividers of the cells were not seen as individuals who had lost their reason, however as mammoths loaded with growling, normal fierceness' (Foucault 147). The viciousness of reason's activities is legitimized by frenzy's cruelty that symbolizes a twofold control – one where reason restricts itself to an unchallengeable talk, and the other outlining the brutish option of misleading that could toxin reason's virtue. Derrida sees there is never any genuine uncertainty in Descartes' idea, or that his faculties are defenseless against the double dealing of 'some detestable virtuoso's (Descartes 138). Franticness does not exist in a sensible personality through a procedure that Derrida portrays as the 'straightforwardness of coherent speculation' (Derrida 60).

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