This is apparently the final volume of unpublished Fitzgerald stories, titled, I'd Die for You, due from Simon and Schuster in Spring 2017.


10/17/2016 9:42am

I never knew that there is an unpublished Fitzgerald story. I think that a lot of people will be waiting for this to be released. Fitzgerald is a really good author who is able to capture the attention of its readers wholeheartedly. I think that he should make more books because of his talent. Overall, this article made the spring of 2017 exciting.

05/08/2017 8:23am

I have always wanted to read this book. I think we are the same because in the past, I was also never the type to read Self-help and Motivational books because I also have a day job. I am happy that to have stumbled upon your article. Hence, it was not a surprise when I find myself saving this in my bookmarks. I am sure that I will look for this when I go to the bookstore this weekend.

08/19/2017 7:02am

F. scott Fitzgerald is my favorite author. On of his most popular novel is "The Great Gatsby". It has been remaked as a movie as we all know. It is indeed a wonderful work of art. I have a book of Great Gatsby and I must say that it is one of my favorite classic novels of all time.

04/26/2017 9:34am

I was waiting for these stories for so long. I’ve read the previous ones, and all of them are amazing. I can’t wait for these volumes to come out. Any idea how much will they cost and their availability?


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