In Part V of The Ethics, Spinoza writes that 'there is necessarily in God an idea which expresses the essence of this or that human body under a form of eternity [sub specie aeternitatis].' Insofar as the human mind, comprised of modes of the divine mind, is the idea of the body, and insofar as the divine mind is eternal, then from the perspective of eternity, there is always, in the mind of God, this idea. Hence, 'The human mind cannot be absolutely destroyed along with the body, but something of it remains, which is eternal.'  [ . . . ]

In this article, the authors, Robert Lanza and Bob Berman, argue a similar point, but from an entirely different perspective, (or perhaps from two apparently conflicting perspectives). The position they advocate is called biocentrism, the view that 'life and consciousness create the reality around them.' From this angle, there is no death because, strictly speaking, 'the' world is confined to each individual conscious mind that organizes the data within and without at each renewed Now. Death, then, is the literal end of the world (for this consciousness), at which we 'reach the imagined border of ourselves'. 

At the same time, they also employ the metaphor of time as a vinyl record, where each sound being emitted at any given moment is akin to the Now, while the songs that haven't played yet are akin to what we would casually call 'the future' and the songs that have already played are akin to what we would casually call 'the past.' But the record itself persists as a whole, with its 'past' and 'future' relative only to the listener. This understanding of time seems to me to be closer to what Spinoza intends, but I'm not sure how well it gels with the biocentrist view that life and consciousness create the reality around them


08/17/2016 7:14am

Time is running fast so consider every moment of your life precious and try your best to make progress on daily basis. But enjoyment and some free time is also helpful for your progress and don't forget it.

02/06/2017 12:59am

No matter how great these minds are for obtaining different studies of life, humanity, body and soul is just a mere intellectual struggles. Sometimes we need to agree to disagree or both ways depending on our perspective but the bottom line here is that knowing how life is all about is really so special and immeasurable by nature. You can not simply define each characteristics because life is so amazing and that I believe there is a Divine Providence who are greater among us all!

08/20/2016 5:30am

This idea is really interesting. I need to read his works about it. Thanks for this post.

08/28/2016 2:00am

Well I do believe in every scientific explanation as long as it does not need to be over commercialize in the name of Power and money. It is logical that death is not just about biblical thing but it is reality we have to face. Our physical appearance is just temporary, we can always develop and improve its beauty but inner soul must be fed with good things. Humanity is about living, loving and sharing as we all know that Death is just around and may strike anytime.

09/07/2016 2:03pm

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