Here's an interesting article by Martha Nussbaum on anger.

Her diagnosis and prescription remind me a great deal of Nietzsche's treatment of ressentiment in On the Genealogy of Morality and elsewhere. 


08/18/2016 9:59am

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09/05/2016 4:07am

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09/29/2016 12:36am

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01/04/2017 1:53am

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03/04/2017 10:05am

Martha Nussbaum is indeed a great writer. She has written a lot of good articles and she didn't fail to amaze her readers. In this article, she was able to discuss anything important related to anger. She was able to present facts and situations about anger that are is truly knowledgeable and effective. I'm pretty sure that all readers would have a great time reading this article. Thank you for posting this!


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