I recently had the privilege of reading and commenting on this important new work by Thomas Nail. My friend, Mark Westmoreland at Villanova, organized the following roundtable book event at the humanities blog, An und für sich. 




08/27/2016 7:41am

All the visitors of this page is very lucky including me because this page has many qualities. First quality of this page is that has many beautiful themes and colors and second is that always here available many information and knowledge about many things.

08/28/2016 1:31pm

Thank you for sharing the link to that blog as I have been wanting to leanr more about the book. I read it as soon as it got out and it became my one of the favorites from Thomas Nail! I can not wait to read all about it on the blog!

10/01/2016 4:51am

Do you know, can anyone now get that book? I'd like to read it too, but I have no privilege as you))

02/06/2017 10:12pm

Thomas Nail has been a good writer for almost a decade now and my professor in online journalism loves to talk about him and his book. I've got the chance to read some of his books but I haven't read yet this " The figure of the migrant". Well, I believe discussing about this book is a great idea! Readers will be able to know different facts about Nail's book. Big thanks to Mr. Mark Westmoreland for organizing this event!

02/14/2017 12:20pm

The book about which you have discussed is an inspiring book and i advice people to read it.


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