The author, David Andrew Stoler, argues that the figure of the zombie embodies the human fear of 

In Part V of The Ethics, Spinoza writes that 'there is necessarily in God an idea which expresses the essence of this or that human body under a form of eternity [sub specie aeternitatis].' Insofar as the human mind, comprised of modes of the divine mind, is the idea of the body, and insofar as the divine mind is eternal, then from the perspective of eternity, there is always, in the mind of God, this idea. Hence, 'The human mind cannot be absolutely destroyed along with the body, but something of it remains, which is eternal.'  [ . . . ]

Here's an interesting article by Martha Nussbaum on anger.

Her diagnosis and prescription remind me a great deal of Nietzsche's treatment of ressentiment in On the Genealogy of Morality and elsewhere. 
Recently, I've been reading Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men with my good friend and former colleague, Kerry Walters. Here are a few thoughts: